Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Some Summer Fun

I love summer!!!!! I wish it were summer year round. Here are some of the things we have been up to so far this summer.

Boating at Utah Lake



Strawberry Days Rodeo

 Watching the fireworks...she was so amazed

 More Swimming

Cute little Ben

Nap time

 At Cam and Brits reception with Katt and Libby

Cooling off in the river

This little girl loves her giraffe!...Maybe a little too much

No Summer is complete without snowcones!!

 Lunch date with aunt Kaitlyn

Hawiian Getaway

Brady's brother Cam is living in Hawaii and met a girl who was going to school over there. They got engaged and decided to get married in Hawaii since they met there. We decided that was a pretty good excuse for a vacation so off we flew with the whole family for a fun getaway. I was so worried about how Kinley would do flying and traveling and with a 4 hour time change but she was so good! I really can't believe how good she was. It was a little rough getting there (Brady and I missed our flight) but we eventually got there and had a blast. It was so fun to have all of brady's family there and to meet Brittany's family as well. What a beautiful place to get married. I'm thinking we need to all go back for their anniversaries and keep the tradition going!

 Kinley was so amazing at traveling! I only had to get up once with her on one of the flights because she was tired of sitting in the same spot. Other than that she was so good. I was worried I would get glares for having a baby but everyone around us kept saying how cute and happy she was. She did get a little motion sickness on the first flight but didn't even whine then.

 Kinley's first time seeing the ocean

We saw this massive turtle our first day there

Kinley loved the waves and beach

 This is the house we stayed in. It was so nice and perfect for a big family

Tom, Jill, Trevor, Cody, and Mallory
Bryan and Julia
 Polynesian Cultural Center
Our little Hawaiian babe

 Mallory's new talent

 Baby lizzard
 Love the beautiful sunsets
Night stroll at the beach

 Love these two!

 Surfing at Turtle Bay
 This is the life

Bryan and Brady caught the same wave



 sandy toes


 Hiking to Sacred Falls
 Kinley fell asleep holding on to daddy's nose

 This hike was so much fun but notice the sign...not supposed to do this hike and someone tattled on us so we got caught. first time offense is $2500 per person!! Luckily the cops let just Cam and Britt get cited and hopefully they can fight it and not pay anything. If not we will all be pitching in for an expensive hike. No better way to start off a marriage than as jailbirds

 Sacred Falls

 Sharks Cove

 Snorkeling was so fun and we saw a lot of fun fish and turtles

 Hawaiian Shaved Ice!!!!
 I wish my work schedule was like this
 Kinley's first taste of shaved ice. Wasn't sure at first but really liked it

 Banyan trees

 Boogy boarding at Pounders Beach

 Hanging out with aunt Jill

 Cam and Britt's wedding

 So happy for these two. They are such a cute couple.
 We are excited to have Brittany in the family