Thursday, July 19, 2012

Lindon Pool

Last Tuesday some of my family met up at the pool in Lindon to soak up some sun. This is such a fun place, especially for kids. The young boys had a great time and the older boys tried to master the flow rider. It was a beautiful day and fun to just hang out by the pool.

Here's the crew minus grandma because she is taking the picture

I told Connor to show me his best surprised face but he went with this one instead

Cody looking cool in moms shades

A pic with grandma

Brady and I enjoying the pool

Cody getting ready for the big slide

Emily and Cody

Connor after the dunk at the end

Uncle Brady and Connor

Another one of Connor and Brady...look at Connor's it!

Grandpa and Cade

Lazy river time

Grandpa and Tanner

What a cutie

Tanner loving the lazy river

It may not look like it in this pic but Cade was having a great time. Every time we came to a waterfall he would say "uh-oh" and get all excited

Its a cousin tube train

Me and the boys

Brady and Cade watching the flow rider

Busy little legs underneath

Grandpa on the Flow Rider

Mason enjoyed most of his pool time by napping

Brady on the Flow Rider

I love this pic of Cade...He is so cute

Aunt Aub Bob and Connor

Uncle Jordan and Cody

Still napping

Grandma, Cody, Grandpa, Tanner

Aunt Kaitlyn and Cade

Brady in the lazy river

What a fun day!!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

17 weeks

Well I have hit 17 weeks. I am definitely feeling better than I did first trimester. My clothes are starting to get a little more snug and our little girl is starting to make me look not so little anymore. I still haven't had any big cravings but I always can eat fresh fruit and cold cereal. I still have a slight aversion to mexican food but hopefully that doesn't last long. Brady is appreciating that I feel like cooking again and doesn't always have to fend for himself. I haven't really gained any weight yet but my belly is definitely expanding. I also chopped my hair off. I figure most people have a kid and then cut their hair so why not get a head start then I can grow it out again if I want. I usually want my hair long again as soon as I cut it but I am really enjoying the change. This pic isn't the best of the new do because of the rainy weather but can't complain because we need it so what do ya do.

Such a cute little foot

Look at those long legs!

Just relaxing in the womb