Sunday, August 5, 2012

Two Trips in Two Weeks

What a busy summer this has a very good way! We have been able to do a lot of fun things this summer and the last two weeks were no exception. We went to Star Valley Ranch in Wyoming to the Barlow cabin for some family time. I was horrible at taking pictures so these are just a few that I have. Everyone was able to come, even Cam flew over from Hawaii to join. It was a lot of fun and is so beautiful up there!! After that we came home for a short stop then headed to Lake Powell. I love Lake Powell! It is so much fun down there and we had a blast. A family friend of the Barlows (Dave Paxman) was very generous and let us use his house boat for the trip. Of course he didn't want to miss out on the fun so he came along with us. There was lots of swimming, boat rides, wake boarding, eating, and just lots and lots of fun!

This place is so beautiful. The view from the back porch. The cabin sits on a golf course which is a lot of fun. I think my father-in-law especially enjoys that aspect

A beautiful fly fishing area

Mowing the lawn was a two person job this trip

I love wood burning stoves!

Buddy's favorite part of the cabin is golf cart rides


Part way through the trip Brady decided to trim his beard and go for just the mustache instead. Its a scary thing...don't want to look at it but somehow can't stop staring at it

Dave and Rulon

We hiked up to some really cool indian ruins in Indian Canyon.
I had never seen these before

You could climb down into the huts

Buddy's catch of the day

Brady got to celebrate his birthday while we were there
so I decided to make him a campfire cake
Looking so sexy with that stache

Cam just chillin
Bath time for Brady

I must say we both look pretty scary in this pic

Mallory staying away from "moose-stache" man as she called him. Stranger Danger!
Hi kids do you want some candy

We got Mallory to go for her first time on the wake board. Not even her older brothers tried

The kids loved the tube

Watch out i'm gonna get ya

Brady wake boarding

We were on top of the house boat talking and this is how Cam and
the dogs ended up. Was a long day I guess

We told Sage to sit and sit she did...right on top of Buddy

Brady trying to compete with my baby belly

Grandma Sandee and Cody

Trevor all tuckered out

Dave's victory dance on the fun island
Brady driving his pride and joy

Grandma and Grandpa lounging

Cam giving Sage a ride

Riding Wally the Walrus

Trying to tan the man thighs

The kids had lots of fun on the slide

I love Lake Powell and its always better when there's a house boat involved...thanks Dave!