Monday, January 17, 2011


I love the holidays and was so excited to have my first married Christmas this year. It was great! We built gingerbread trains with our niece and nephews, had a great time at Brady's parents on Christmas Eve and had so much fun Christmas morning with my family. Its so fun to have kids around on Christmas because they get so excited. Connor and Cody were both so cute and excited for their new toys. We also went skiing right before Christmas with Brady's family which was a ton of fun. Brady's teaching me to ski and it's a good thing he is patient with me because my skiing skills are a little lacking. New Years Eve we just relaxed and spent the night eating ice cream and watching movies. We did make it to midnight but not much longer. Thanks everyone for making the Holidays so great!!

Our first Christmas tree. Brady was so sweet and surprised me with a real Christmas tree. I had gone to run some errands for the day and when I came back the tree was up with lights, decorations and the whole works. I was so excited. It's been awhile since I've had a real tree.

Connor...I mean bat man

Connor was so excited for all of his superhero figurines

Cody showing me his new toy

I'm just so cute in the mornings! That's why he married me. Brady went above and beyond and surprised me with a new laptop! (Sorry no pic) I even found out he had gotten up at 4am the day after Thanksgiving, without me knowing, and waited in line to get it for me. For those of you who know Brady and how much he loves waiting in line and being in large groups of people all acting like idiots, you know how much he must love me for doing that. He even had to go back and wait in line again because they were all gone the first time he went. And being the wonderful wife I am, I got after him for sleeping in so long because I had know idea he had even left (sorry babe!). Is he amazing and wonderful or what?!!!

The Blackham Gang

On New Years day Brady and I went riding with our friend Kevin in the west desert. It was so much fun! I grew up with horses but haven't been for a long time. Brady always said riding horses was a preliminary to getting married but we never got the chance while we were dating. After the ride he told me he'd keep me around since he now knows I can ride a horse:) Thanks Kevin and Heather for letting me take your horse and thanks Brady for keeping me around.

Cody, Trevor, and Mallory playing angry birds after a day of skiing

Brady and I getting ready to hit the slopes

Thanks Rulon and Sandee for a fun time skiing in Park City. And thanks Brady for being patient while I try to advance in the sucky category of skiing. You're a great teacher!