Saturday, February 2, 2013

Things we have discovered about Miss Kinley

Now that we have had Miss Kinley with us for a little while I thought I would share some of the things we have discovered about her.

  • She has the cutest chubby buddah belly and double chin...I love a fat baby!
  • She so far sleeps very well at night which mommy really appreciates. She usually sleeps 4-5 hrs when I first put her down and then 3-4 hrs after the second time I get up with her.
  • She wakes up every morning between 7:30 and 8am with some tummy pains but as soon as I put her in bed with me she snuggles up and goes back to of my favorite times of the day with her.
  • She loves to sleep with her hands up by her face
  • She loves to suck on her hands
  • She loves to have her feet rubbed. She can be a little fussy and if we start to rub her feet she will more often than not calm down.
  • She has started to smile and I cant get enough.
  • She is a little bit more of a mommy's girl right now even though daddy got the first non-gas smiles out of her.
  • She loves to be bounced up and down
  • She gets hiccups at least once a day...same as when I was pregnant with her
  • She loves bath time
  • She puckers her lips when she has to go to the bathroom
  • She takes a bottle really well but starts to sound like a grunting gremlin if she doesn't get to eat fast enough.
  •  She has started to focus and loves to sit in her swing and look at the mobile on it
  • She has the cutest sneezes
  • She snores occasionally which is so cute (gets that from her daddy)

We really just can't get enough of this sweet girl and feel so blessed to have her in our lives!