Thursday, May 24, 2012

Best Birthday Ever

I know my birthday was 2 months ago but I finally got around to posting about it. This was I would say the best birthday I have ever had. Brady is always so great to me and did not disappoint this year. I have been wanting an ipad for awhile but could not convince Brady of why I "needed" one. He completely surprised me and got me one for my birthday.

There was also one other thing that I told Brady I really wanted and he did not disappoint with that either. See if you can figure out what else he got me...

Thats right...if you notice the ipad message...he got me a baby in my belly!!!!!

I may be biased but isn't that the cutest little munchkin you've ever seen?! I took a pregnancy test (or maybe 4) the morning of my birthday and couldn't believe my eyes when I saw two lines appear. I thought it had to be a fluke, hence the 3 more tests. I waited until later that night to tell Brady and it nearly killed me waiting. I had bought and wrapped a baby BYU beanie and BYU booties since he is such a fan and let him open those. He looked at them a little confused but caught on pretty quick. We are both so excited and nervous all at the same time. I am 12 weeks along and getting ancy to find out if baby Barlow is a boy or girl. I have been a little sick and more tired but cant complain too much. I am hungry all the time and get a little moody when I don't get food. No particular cravings but sometimes I will see someone else eating and I have to have whatever they are eating. We feel so blessed especially since we had to wait awhile after my surgery/treatment and cant wait to see and hold our little munchkin.
Baby Barlow should be arriving around Dec 21, 2012. Merry Christmas to us.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Im Related To Royalty

So this weekend I went down to Moroni to watch my sister Aubrey in the Miss Moroni pageant. She did so well in all parts of the competition. She was very confident and poised and had great personality on stage. Im happy to say she came out of it with the crown. Congrats Aub, great job!!!