Saturday, November 15, 2014

Bryson Joel Barlow

We decided with Bryson that I was going to be induced and have the comfort of having things more set and planned out. This way I could let my mom know when to watch Kinley and not worry as much about what to do with her if I went into labor in the middle of the night. I called and set things up for Friday March 28. I called the hospital at about 5 that morning to get my time to come in. They were full with women who had come in with natural labor so told me to call back in 2 hours to get an update. This process went on for pretty much the rest of the day. I was getting more and more frustrated because I just wanted to get him here. When I called at about 6 that night they said I was getting bumped to the next day. I broke down and cried and was very frustrated. I had been planning on him being here and my mom had waited around all day to watch Kinley. My mom left and I sulked. We started the process all over again the next morning but luckily the first time I called they told me to come in. 

We had Laurel come watch Kinley and we left for the hospital. We arrived to check in at around 8:30 and got settled into our delivery room. They hooked me up to monitors and started my IV and got the pitocin and penicillin(Because I was group B +) around 9. With being group B + I had to be on penicillin for about 4 hours before they wanted me to deliver. So we just kind of hung out for awhile. As they gradually increased the pitocin my contractions started getting worse and I had them put in my epidural. For some reason when I get epidurals they only start working on my left side. I tried rolling to my right side but could still feel the contractions quite a bit. They came in and gave me what I call the "magic juice" to help and after that I was completely numb. They were going to break my water but as I was having Brady help me move, he discovered that it had broken on his own (I think he was a little disturbed). I was a little worried that after Kinley's delivery being so smooth and great that this one would be harder and longer. I was pleased however that after my water broke things went pretty quickly and smoothly again. I pushed for about 30 min (and only because he didn't want to move past my tail-bone). Our little Bryson Joel Barlow arrived at 1:06pm. He was 8 lb. 8 oz. and 20 1/2 inches long. He was a lot more "twiggy" than Kinley and we didn't think he looked like her at all. We really weren't sure who he looked like more, me or Brady. They took us all down to the nursery so they could clean Bryson up and as we were there Grandma and Grandpa Blackham, Jordan Kaitlyn, Laurel, Aubrey and Kinley arrived. They were all looking through the window and Kinley got so excited to see us. And then one of my favorite moments happened. She looked in and saw Bryson and got the biggest smile and waved and pointed to him. She did however get a little concerned when she saw us holding him. Grandpa and Grandma Barlow came that night to visit. We tried to leave after one night but they wouldn't let us. Brady stayed with me both nights and Kinley stayed with Grandma and Grandpa Blackham for a few days. She had so much fun there helping on the farm and getting to do whatever she wanted that I didn't think she would come back. She wasn't sure what to think of Bryson at first but quickly wanted to help(a little too much) and figure out who this new addition was. We love this boy so much and are so happy to have him in our family.