Sunday, March 6, 2011

Jr Prom

I grew up in a place where jr prom is a pretty big deal. Most people are facinated by it when they hear about it. Prom is held on a Friday and Saturday because one night is boys choice and one night is girls choice. They usually ask a date by decorating their room or with some cute little poem of thought Each day is an all day event with an all day date followed by the dance each night. The whole county comes to the high school and watches as each junior comes out with their promenade partner and is anounced by name. Then once everyone has been anounced they promenade (a choreographed dance) around the gym. They usually spell out NS for north sanpete and also the year they will graduate. The girls are all in decked out gowns and the boys are in they tuxes. This year was my baby sisters prom so I went down to watch and had a lot of fun.
Aubrey and her good friend Mykelin
Doing the promenade
Aub with my mom and dad


Belated Valentines

I've realized that I never posted anything about my Valentines so I'm playing catch up. This year was a great Valentines due in large part to my wonderful husband. Brady and I bought a duplex a few weeks before Valentines and wanted to fix up the place before we moved in. Brady wanted to surprise me by not letting me see the end result until it was all finished. He worked for weeks doing most of the work himself in getting it ready for us to move in. He wouldn't even give me any hints about what he was doing with the place. A few days before Valentines he finally told me I could come see it. He made me close my eyes and led me up the stairs to our place. He opened the door and we stepped inside. He told me to open my eyes and when I did I saw all the amazing work he had done. He had put in new carpet, painted, taken off the popcorn ceiling, put in new fixtures etc, etc. The best part is that he had moved all of my things in so that I didn't have to move anything. I hate packing and moving so I think it's the best present I have ever gotten. He also was very sweet and had roses sitting on the coffee table for me when I walked in. We had a nice dinner at home away from the business of everywhere else and just enjoyed being with each other in our new place. Brady is so amazing and put so much hard work and thought into everything. I am so grateful to have him as my husband and friend. I love you Brady!! Thanks for a wonderful Valentines.

P.S. I will post pics of our new place once I get around to taking some