Saturday, October 6, 2012

29 Weeks And Counting

This last Friday I hit 29 weeks.  As you can see the baby bump is growing nicely.  I'm starting to get a little uncomfortable at night and struggle to get to my own shoes to tie them but things are going great. She is moving and kicking like crazy and I have seen my belly moving like crazy when she is doing what appears to be flips inside. Sometimes it gets pretty weird to see it moving so much. I have always been the one that is cold but lately I freeze Brady out at night because I'm so warm and need the windows wide open.

 We also tried to get some 3D images the other day but she wasn't being the most cooperative.  We did get a few glimpses but not a full shot of her face.
 You can see her cute little lips and button nose. I can't wait to see her in person!!

 This is more of a side shot but it looks like she has really chubby cheeks

Some End Of Summer Fun

 One thing I am going to miss about summer is camping and boating so we did a little of both before it got too cold.  I was able to go camping with my family up Fairview Canyon awhile ago and even though it was a quick trip it was a lot of fun.

Nothing like a good smore while camping

 Dad couldn't find his jacket so he borrowed moms...very fashionable

We also got to spend some time with Owen and Camille while they were in Utah for a few days. We managed to get in a day at the lake which was very nice.