Monday, May 23, 2011

Happy Anniversary

Happy 1 year Anniversary!! Brady and I have officially hit the one year mark. We have a trip planned in August to go to Alaska which we were going to count as our anniversary but my wonderful husband decided to go above and beyond and surprise me. I had told him I wanted to at least go to dinner or something on our anniversary but that Alaska would be our big celebration. Last Friday my sister came up and we went to a movie that morning and Brady told me to come home right after. He seemed pretty urgent that I get home right after so I knew he at least had something planned. I came home and he told me we were going shopping in Park City. I figured he was just going to give me some money and let me shop which I was excited about because he doesn't like shopping so it was more for me to enjoy. He told me there were some new outlet stores that he wanted to check out (i'm so gullible). We start heading toward the outlets but start going around a round-a-bout. I asked him what the stores were called and he told me "the Waldorf Astoria". Right then we pulled up to the nicest hotel I have ever been to. I got so excited and couldn't believe Brady had done that for me. The valet opened our doors and parked our car while we went and checked in. I was in complete awe at how beautiful this place was. A guy carried our luggage to our amazing room and gave us a run down of all the amenities at the resort. There was a fireplace right next to our king size bed and chocolate strawberries on the table. There was a jetted tub and tv in the bathroom. They had robes and slippers in the closet for us to lounge around in and an amazing view out our window. They had a heated pool and two hot tubs. We felt like we were living a lifestyle of the rich and famous! The best part is it was their off season so we pretty much had the place to ourselves. I love Brady so much and love being married to him! He is always so thoughtful and doing nice things for me and others. He truly helps me to be a better person and I can't imagine my life without him. We have learned and grown so much in the past year and have both had to make adjustments but I can't wait to keep learning, laughing, and growing together! I'm so excited for many more anniversaries to come.

This is the lobby/sitting area when you first walk in.

Other side of the lobby/sitting area

This is what our room looked like. Loved the fireplace!

We had to get at least one pic together so people
new we went on our anniversary getaway together

View of heated pool and hot tubs from our window
Brady checking out the shower
Lounging in my robe and slippers
nice view of the fireplace from the king size bed
I don't know how we have survived without a king size bed
at home. Definitely saving up for one of these babies!
Brady rather enjoyed sitting in the jetted tub while watching TV.

After our dip in the hot tub we came back to our room to find that Fernando had
turned down our bed, got our slippers ready and left us some yummy chocolate mints.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Marsing Ranch

This weekend Brady and I packed up the horses and headed south to do a horse ride into Marsing Ranch. It's an old abandoned cattle ranch operation from the 1800's. It was pretty cool to see all the old cabins and all this stuff that they left behind. It was a pretty big place and must have been a big cattle operation when it was up and going. There was even an old broke down, rusted model-t car there. It took us about 2 hours to ride in and was the perfect day to do it. It was a little overcast so it wasn't too hot and the scenery was beautiful! The horses did great and except for a few set backs the trip was awesome. I grew up with horses but mostly did short rides so it was fun to do an overnight trip and have Brady there to show me the ropes.

Birds eye view of the ranch
Ariving at camp
the view at our campsite

old model-t car