Monday, August 22, 2011

Alaskan Adventure

Brady and I took an amazing 2 week vacation to Alaska. We went with our friends Dave and Katie and had a blast! Brady used to live there in high school so it was so fun to go see his old stomping grounds. He and Dave had been a few times over the past years but it was the first time for Katie and myself. I have wanted to go fishing in Alaska for a long, long time. We stayed with some of Brady's high school friends who were so generous to us. Eric, Angela, Miles and Becky were so great and had the cutest families. It was so nice to finally meet them because Brady has told me so many stories about their high school adventures. I also got to meet Rodney and Beth who are the parents of one of Brady's good friends. They were awesome and took us to do a lot of cool things. For awhile we wondered if 2 weeks was going to be too long but we definitely filled every spare minute with a lot of fun activities. Alaska is so beautiful and there is so much to do, not to mention the yummy fish you can catch. I can't wait to go back sometime.

Made a stop in Whittier

Boots filled with rain

Dave and Katie

This is what we saw about 30 min into the trip...didn't help my fear
of camping with bears but pretty dang cool to see!
So many spawned out salmon...too bad they're not good to eat

Fishing at quartz Creek

Rafting down to Skilak lake

Baby bear cubs playing while mom fishes

We saw 7 bears along our rafting trip

Finished the rafting trip with a beautiful sunset

4wheeling with Beth and Rodney

Exit Glacier

Canooing the Swanson

Brady "Planking"

Hanging out in Homer. We had the best bowl of clam
chowder in a bread bowl here. Sooooo Gooood!

We did a 7 mile hike/bushwhacking into the Cresent Saddle Cabin and stayed for 2 nights. It was so beautiful and it was fun having no one around. There was a beautiful lake and row boat that we could use. We hiked, played cards, went out on the lake, and just enjoyed the views.

There were a bunchs of loons on the lake that sounded so cool

We did have visitors come in on a float plane for one afternoon to fish
Such a beautiful lake!

Our bunk beds
our wood burning stove
Awesome beach fire

Brady's camouflaged can you find him?

moose on the loose

Kenai Fjords tour

sea otters
sea lion

The sea lion was eating a sting ray and was thrashing it around.

Aialik Glacier
They stoped the boat next to the glacier and turned off the engines so we could hear the glacier cracking. It sounded like thunder. Then big chunks would fall off and make big tidal waves. One of the coolest experiences of the trip.

Felicia took us fishing for silvers and was quite the fishing guide

Nate and Allison took us fishing on their drift boat. It was so much fun and we caught a lot of fish. Nate new all the places on the river to go for the most fish. We caught a lot of king salmon which we couldn't keep and a few silver salmon.