Saturday, June 23, 2012


I just got back from an incredible trip to Chicago and Disney World with my sister Laurel. Laurel is a nanny for a family in Chicago this summer and the dad of the family is a pilot. He was so nice and gave Laurel and I some buddy passes to go on a trip while he and the family were gone for their own vacation. I flew out to Chicago for a few days and then we headed out to Florida to go to Disney World and Harry Potter World. I got to meet the family Laurel is staying with and they were so great. Their kids are adorable and they are so great to Laurel. While we were in Chicago we went to the beach, went into downtown Chicago to see the sights there and ate at an amazing pizza place called Giordanos. It was really fun to go to Chicago because that is where Brady went on his mission. I wish he could have been there to enjoy it with me but Laurel and I had a great time. After a few days in Chicago we took off to Florida. We went to Epcot which was a lot of fun. I couldn't go on a lot of rides because of the bun in the oven but we still had a great time. The day after Epcot we went to Universal's Island of Adventure which is where Harry Potter World is. I cannot explain my excitement to go here. I felt like a little kid at Christmas and Harry Potter World did not disappoint! It was amazing!! I felt like I was really in Hogsmeade and Hogwarts. They had pictures inside the castle that really moved and the sorting hat and the entrance to Dumbledore's office and the great hall and butterbeer and so many cool parts of the books included. There were so many other fun parts of the park too like Jurrasic Park, Seuss Landing, Super Hero and Comic book areas. We had so much fun. Thanks for a fun adventure Laurel!

Buckingham Fountain

These were some cool fountains/splash pad at Millennium park

Cloud Gate at Millennium Park, such a cool structure

Walking around downtown Chicago

Chicago River runs right through the city and gives it such a cool feel

These are some houses in the neighborhood where Laurel is staying. It is such a cute place with awesome houses. I wouldn't love being so close to my neighbor but it is such a fun place to visit.

This is the house Laurel is staying in with the family she nanny's for

Brady told me I had to eat at this place while I was in Chicago and now I know why...AMAZING! I am now ruined on pizza though. I dont know if anything will ever compare. It is super thick super delicious Chicago style pizza.

This beach is along Michigan Lake and is a 5 minute walk from where Laurel is Staying. I'm so jealous. I love the beach. The lake is so massive you feel like you're at the ocean.


At Epcot they have a bunch of rides and things like that but also an area that has massive displays of several countries that were really cool to see.

We got to see a lot of Disney characters who are all very short I must say

If you cant read the sign above it says "Let the Adventure Begin"...which is exactly what we did

Baby Barlow also enjoyed the trip

The lost continent


The Three Broomsticks Restaraunt


The Sorting Hat

The entrance to Dumbledore's office

Butterbeer is so yummy