Friday, November 22, 2013

Kinley 11 Months Old

Well another month has flown by and Kinley is now 11 months old. It seems like yesterday we were just bringing her home from the hospital. She is so much fun right now and has such a cute personality. She is crawling all over the place and loves to chase and be chased, especially by daddy. She walks all over as long as she is holding onto something. She will frequently let go and stand independently without realizing it. I'm not sure if i'm ready for her to be walking yet but I know it will happen any day. Kinley is such a good eater and really just a great baby. She has her moments and is learning to throw fits when she doesn't get what she wants but for the most part is so great. She says da da, ma ma, ba ba, bye bye, and has lots of fun tricks and facial expressions. She still loves to growl, she tips her head to the side, hold her hand/phone up to her ear to say hello and we are working on waving bye bye. We sure do love this little girl!!

 Visiting her boyfriend Dean

 Always so helpful

 Kinley loves spending time outside

 Our little Halloween zebra

 This girl knows how to get comfy

 Getting ready to watch daddy be the headless horseman for Halloween

 My Headless Horseman Husband

 Loves spaghetti!

Hiking up Battle creek canyon

 So flexible

 Sleeping in

 She refuses to sit in the cart anymore. She prefers to stand and cart surf

 Helping daddy do dishes

 First big battle wound.  She fell off the couch and hit the coffee table

 My little reindeer


 Watching some Mickey

 Cuddling with mom
Taking Mr Giraffe for a stroll