Sunday, January 1, 2012

Parkers Drive In

I cant believe it finally happened. I had hoped the day would never come but on Dec 30, 2011 Parkers Drive In closed its doors for good. This is the place my grandparents started 58 years ago. It has been a big part of my life and I have so many memories here. I still remember as a little girl coming up to see my grandparents and we would always stop in at "grandpas" first. We would sneak in the back door and sit on old wooden crates while my grandpa made us food. He was such a hard worker and took a lot of pride in what he did. My mom and both of my aunts worked here growing up and most of my girl cousins and myself have all worked here at some point. I am so glad I got to be a part of that experience. We even got Aubrey to flip a few burgers on the last day so she could say she had worked there. We decided the day after it closed to get all the family together down there for one last Parker's meal. It still hasn't hit me that I wont be able to stop in there anymore. It's a little hard too because in a way its the last piece of my Grandpa that we were holding on to. Im glad that we have so many great memories of him and my grandma to hold onto and so many great memories of Parker's Drive In aka Grandpas. Im so grateful for an amazing family to share it all with!!

This is my amazing grandma who with grandpa started it all.

This was the family entrance
Nate, Randi and Cade enjoying one last meal

Most of my girl cousins


I dont know if my dad or tyler would get hired...they need to work on
their ice cream cone making skills

Grandma Parker, Mom, Dad, Aunt Tammy, Uncle Frank,
Aunt LeeAnn, and Uncle Kenneth

Me working the grill
Oh how I am going to miss this food!

Merry Christmas

This Christmas was not the most exciting ever but still great. It was my year to work christmas eve and christmas night. I guess people still get sick and hurt on the holidays. I worked with fun people though and we made the most of it. Brady got the flu on christmas eve so while I was at the hospital working he was home trying to get some rest and get feeling better. I was around for Christmas morning and Brady and I had a nice quiet morning sleeping in and opening gifts from each other. After we headed to Brady's parents to open gifts with them. This was the brightest warmest Christmas I can remember having in a long time. I have always loved Christmas and this year did not disappoint.

This picture does not do our tree justice. It was such a beautiful tree.
Brady's new beanie. He also got some clothes, tie and a GoPro camera

Brady completely surprised me and got me this sweet ski coat and ski pants. Now even if im not good at skiing I can at least look good while I attempt it.