Thursday, July 14, 2011

Our First Garden

Brady and I planted our first garden this year. Neither of us has planted one before aside from helping parents so we'll see how it does. These are right after we planted about a month ago. They have already grown a lot and we're getting excited. We mostly planted everything for homemade salsa...YUM!!

Rafting the Snake River in WY

A few weeks ago we headed to Star Valley Ranch, WY with some friends to raft the Snake River. This has sort of become an annual trip and every time we go we have such a fun time! Thanks Lane for being our River Guide.

Such a pretty view while rafting
Rain gear while rafting...amazing!
Stayed nice and toasty in the glacier water
Pre raft chest bump from Dan and Kallie

We brought a few special people with us this time:)
Kat looking for the shower

The whole group except Brady cuz he's taking the pic