Thursday, April 21, 2011

Crazy Dreams

I couldn't help but blog about this because I think it's so funny. So last night Brady and I went to bed at around our usual time. I'm not even sure what time it was but we must have been asleep for awhile when the fun began. Brady has done or said some pretty funny things in his sleep but last night tops them all. Brady threw back the covers very rapidly and sat up on the side of the bed. It woke me up and I thought for sure the house was on fire or someone broke in or something horrible had happened for him to jolt out of bed like that. I leaned up and said "Hey are you okay? What are you doing?" He looked back at me and had a very shocked, confused look on his face. He then said "but you... you went through the wall, you walked through the wall." He must have been dreaming about me walking through the wall and was trying to come after me, hence his confusion when I was behind him and not in the wall in front of him. I think after a minute he realized he was dreaming so he just laid back down and fell asleep. Then awhile later I woke up again and saw him reaching his arm up to the ceiling. I started to laugh because he has done this before. I asked what he was doing and he said, "I need to get the screws at the top" I started laughing again and he woke up and told me to quit laughing at him. I told him he was weird and we both laughed and went back to sleep. One of these days I'm going to put a camera in our room because he does some entertaining things in his sleep!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Birthdays and Baby Showers

This past week was my birthday and my nephew Connor's birthday. I had to work on my birthday but I work with some great people who make work fun and my sweet husband surprised me and brought in one of my favorite cakes. That night I came home and Brady had some presents for me to open. Brady always goes above and beyond when it comes to getting me presents. This year he got me an iPod touch and a new hiking backpack, both of which I have really been wanting. Thanks babe for always treating me like a princess!

We also went up to celebrate Connor's birthday with him. This kid is one of the most entertaining kids I know. He's always got something funny to say and as you will see in the pics he likes to "ham it up" for the camera. He definitely got spoiled and has a lot of people that love him. He got a bike helmet in one present and we asked him what he was going to do with it since he doesn't have a bike. He quickly responded "I'll just have to wait til Christmas so I can get a bike" His dad then brought out a spiderman bike and his eyes just lit up. It was so fun to see him get so excited and have such a fun birthday. We love you Connor Happy 4th Birthday!

His Iron Man outfit

His Batman Cake

Posing in his chef outfit
His new bike

Just being a goof

I also went home for the weekend to go to one of my best friends baby shower. Josie is such a cute prego and is one of those people who from behind you can't even tell she's prego. All the girls in the pic are girls I went to high school with and have so many fun memories with. It was so fun to see everyone and catch up.