Saturday, July 24, 2010

And the blogging begins

So I have finally given in to the world of blogging thanks to a little persuading from a friend. I figure it's a good thing though since I no longer scrapbook and have always been horrible about writing in a journal. This way I can keep up on all of our adventures and fun memories. And hopefully everyone can enjoy along with us. So let the blogging begin.....

I have always enjoyed hiking, camping, boating etc, but have taken it to a new level since I began dating Brady. Here are just a few of our adventures and things we've been up to.

Hanging out with friends at rodeos

Playing with my under water camera

Hanging out with friends at the bowling alley

Rapelling down Lepracahn Canyon

Going to Lake Powell
Roadtrip to Yellowstone with friends

Finding our way through a corn maze

Hiking to the top of Mt Nebo


Hiking Angels Landing and the Narrows in Zions

This is all I have time for right now so stay tuned for more to come.